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The Free 10 Foundation strives to be a cutting edge organization intent on providing support and solutions for humanity in the hopes of uplifting the human condition in the present world. Our mission is to provide hope by resurrecting, re-educating, and re-training current and future generations to embrace their purpose with humility through a deeper knowledge of God.

The Free 10 Foundation primarily wants to seek out and support the undeserved and underrepresented, but we are an all inclusive welcoming organization who will not turn anyone away.

One of our goals is to help the thousands of children who lose their parents and guardians to gun violence and mass incarceration. How can you help? The financial support we receive from your generous donations will go towards developing skills camps, summer camps, education and mentoring programs.

We will offer year round donation events at key times like back to school, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Beyond that, any further proceeds will go towards building the YBM and Skills Facility that will host all programs and events. This will be our home.. The Free 10 Foundation aims to improve people mentally, spiritually, morally, and socially. Not only in the eyes of the world, but for ourselves, in order to unlock the greatness within and have a better future.